Caribou Hunting Newfoundland

Caribou hunting can provide a special kind of adventure. Hunters who are looking for a thrilling hunt and a real wilderness experience will really enjoy this hunting adventure. For that reason, many hunters take to the woods every year in hopes of hunting a caribou.

If you are interested in Caribou Hunting Newfoundland, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn more about Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland, besides some tips on how to bow hunt woodland caribou.

Caribou Hunting Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador is a Canadian province that is located in the easternmost of the country. It comprises the island of Newfoundland and a larger mainland sector, Labrador, to the northwest.

The province is a very popular destination for hunting, particularly the island of Newfoundland. The province’s marquee big-game species include black bear, Moose, and woodland caribou. Upland hunting and Waterfowling for grouse and willow ptarmigan is excellent as well.

Newfoundland is mostly known to be a great area for quality moose hunting opportunities. But hunting caribou in Newfoundland is an experience of a lifetime as it is the only place where non-residents can hunt woodland caribou.

Woodland caribou is one of the most prized of all the subspecies. Those caribou live amongst forested hills and bogs, rocky ridges of Newfoundland and other forested areas in Eastern Canada.

The average weight of their bulls can be between 350 to 500 pounds, and their antlers are wide, long-beamed and often have palmated bez points.

In fact, lots of hunters travel to Newfoundland in hopes of bagging Newfoundland’s grand slam, which includes woodland caribou, bull moose and black bear.  

Major Tips for Bowhunting Woodland Caribou

Hunting woodland caribou can provide a fun, action-packed hunting adventure, plus you can enjoy some beautiful scenery during your hunting trip.

So how to hunt these animals with a bow? These are some major tips for bow hunting woodland caribou to help you to improve your success rate in the next Newfoundland hunting season.

1. Learn Their Patterns

When it comes to big game hunting, many of those animals will develop certain patterns like where they drink, eat, travel, etc. observing and finding those patterns can improve your odds of a successful hunting experience. Caribou do not differ from other big game animals, they will have specific patterns that they stick to as well.

Also, these caribou are unlike any other since they do not migrate, which makes them develop more patterns than most. They will generally stay in a given location for much longer than other caribou species will. This will give you the opportunity to know more about their habits. Figuring them out will help you to successfully stalk and hunt one with your bow and arrow.

2. Bring the Proper Gear for Your Hunting Trip

When hunting those animals, you will be faced with dense, wet environments. So at some point or another, be prepared to have each piece of your gear soaking wet. As a result, it is better if you can bring two of everything.

During a caribou hunt, it can be invaluable if you have the ability to change your wet clothes with dry ones and leave your wet clothes to dry.

It is also important to have a high-quality set of rain gear. This is very helpful in keeping you as dry as possible, especially during a storm.

But when getting wet is an inevitable thing, it sure is nice to have a change of gear at the ready. Other gear items such as boots, quality optics, and a backpack are highly recommended as well.

3. Hunt the Right Time

Another favourable aspect of woodland caribou hunting is the ability to hunt them during the fall when it is cool and nice. Although you can hunt these caribou earlier in the year, most hunts are planned for late September through mid-October.

During this period, the caribou bulls are rutting, and you will likely see many more caribou in the hunting areas since they stay more active throughout the day.

This also means the bugs are nonexistent. Thanks to the cooler weather, the insects are gone. All of this will lead you to have a great time in the woods while pursuing the animal with your bow and arrow.

If you hunt at the right time of year and bring the right gear, you can enjoy a great caribou hunting experience and improve your success rate in harvesting woodland caribou.