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Hunting information by Province can be found on all our provincial pages. We have scouted the internet for the best Nunuvut hunting information available. Hunting license costs vary by province and hunting species available to hunt will also vary by province so check the hunting information carefully before planning a hunting trip.

Nunuvut Hunting Licenses & Permits

A Hunting License is required by anyone wishing to hunt in Nunavut. They are available from the Government of Nunavut Department of Environment (wildlife office). For more information about the proper procedures for obtaining a Nunavut Hunting License, call the GN Department of Environment at one of the following three locations:

Headquarters Office in Iqaluit
Tel: (867) 975 7700
Regional Office in Kugluktuk
Tel: (867) 982 7450
Regional Office in Arviat
Tel: (867) 857 2976

Hunting license can be obtained here:

Nunuvut Hunting Season Dates

SpeciesOpen seasonDaily bag limitPossession limit
All ducks, combinedSeptember 1 to December 1025 for residents of Canada
8 for non-residents of Canada
No limit for residents of Canada
24 for non-residents of Canada
Canada Geese, Cackling Geese, White-fronted Geese and Brant, combinedSeptember 1 to December 1015 for residents of Canada
5 for non-residents of Canada (not more than 2 may be White-fronted Geese)
No limit for residents of Canada
15 for non-residents of Canada (not more than 6 may be White-fronted Geese)
CootsSeptember 1 to December 1025No limit
SnipeSeptember 1 to December 1010No limit for residents of Canada
30 for non-residents of Canada

More information –

Hunting Species

Canada Geese, Cackling Geese, White-fronted Geese and Brant, Ducks, Coots, Snipe, Snow Geese and Ross’s Geese.

Hunting Regulations

Hunting Regulations 2022-23 –

Hunting Zones

Transport Of Goods

It is an offense to remove wildlife or wildlife parts, other than a manufactured product to a place outside Nunavut unless you obtain a Wildlife Export Permit. To export parts of marine mammals you are required to obtain a Marine Mammal Transportation License. These permits must be obtained prior to leaving Nunavut and will not be issued after the items have been exported. For certain species of wildlife or marine mammals you may also require a C.I.T.E.S. Export Permit if your destination is outside Canada. This permit must be obtained prior to the item leaving the country.

Hunting Outfitters

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