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Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

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5 Reasons to Practice at Long Range. (Taken from Field & Stream) 1. Shooting long-range targets demand consistency, in everything from how you breathe to how you hold the rifle, and this consistency carries over into the field. 2. Long range shooters have to understand exterior ballistics – what gravity and wind do to bullets once they leave the bore. Such knowledge, plus experimentation on the range, makes doping wind and estimating distances much easier in the field. 3. Shooting long means shooting a lot, which makes you more familiar with your equipment, which helps no matter what you are shooting at. 4. Shooting success starts between the ears, and a hunter that made 1,000 yard shots on steel has the confidence to ring up a buck at 300 yards because he has been there and done that. 5. A hunter with long-range experience is far less likely to throw lead towards an animal at an unknown distance and in a vicious wind, because he understands the shot uncertainty given the conditions.
The best whitetail hunting asset you have is your knowledge of the area. Spend some time scouting during pre-rut time to learn the movement patterns of the deer and to learn where the bucks are. When the season opens, your chances will be improved.
After you have selected a likely spot for big bucks, plan your placement of treestands carefully. When hanging treestands, choose trees which are wider than your own body to help hide your silhouette. Also, if you have two, place them on opposite sides of where you expect the deer so that you can adjust to different wind directions.
Whitetail bucks are more cautious in the early season. Once the rut is in full swing, they are less attentive and more interested in chasing does. This may be your time to knock down the best buck. Watch the does late in the season as the bucks will not be far behind.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters

Poplar Point Resort

Cowan Lake

Goose, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Duck,

Agassiz Outfitters

Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Goose, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Duck,

McKay’s Sisip Outfitters

Cumberland House

Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Moose, Grouse, Duck,

Mikes Hunting Adventures

Carrragana, SK

Whitetail Deer, Black Bear,

Cowan Lake Outfitters

Cowan Lake

Whitetail Deer, Black Bear,

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Pictures

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Ghost Buck

Very Odd, Check out the color of this guy!

Yes, very odd indeed.

Honeys 2008 Big-Buck

From: McLean,SK

WE got this Buck in 2008, he is a 4x5and very thick,great Buck.

2006 Bucks

From: McLean,SK

WE got these two big guys in the 2006 deer season,the top buck was stolen from my farm before i could get it mounted.

-> Too bad. Nice deer. It would look good on a wall.

2009 Jims Buck

From: McLean

I got this buck in the 2009 Deer season,gross-185

My first year hunting whitetails in saskatchewan!

From: Chitek Lake, Saskatchewan

It was my first time hunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan, it was cold, and the days were very long sitting in the ground blind. I loved every second of the hunt.

Texas Buck shot with airsoft gun

From: Texas

-> that texas buck is FAKE!

Big Ohio 8 Point

From: Southwest, Ohio

Couger & 8 point

From: Aiken,SC

164″ 23″ Inside Whitetail

From: Alberta

157″ Massive

From: Alberta

From: Genoa, Arkansas

Muzzle Loader season

From: Eastern Saskatchewan

Title: the unkillable deer

Title: the unkillable deer Story/Joke: Well I hunt about a 1000 acre lease and I was hunting a part of the lease that no one else really hunts. So me and my Dad went and got the fourwheller unloaded and he droped me off near my stand and his stand was only about 150 yards through the woods. As i got in my stand and started puting on my face mask and open my drink and big 7 pointer walks out infront of my stand only after being in the stand for 3 minutes. I laugh to myself because I didnt really want to hunt this stand so I got ready and picked up my 30/6 and got a good rest. Just as I shot I made a very bi mistake I picked my head up to look and just as I did I see him fall and I just thought to myself there’s my wallhanger right there and just then he started to flop out of the path. So I called my dad and told him to hurry up and get down here to help me finish him off. When I got to were I shot him i for blood and both his front legs. So I loaded my gun and went runing after him. when I got within maybe 50 feet I could see his butt stinking up in the air and I wasnt going to get to close to him knowing he was hurt so I shot at all I could see his butt. well he fell over and I figured he was dead. So I walked up closer and he kicked up on his hind legs and I shot him in the neck and he floped to the ground. I only had 1 bullet left so I ran up as close as I thought I could get and shot him behind the shoulder. he floped over again and dicided to try and run some more so my dad got there with his 45. and after 2 bullets from that he finally died.

Little Buck Big Buck

From: Tree Stand

One morning my younger brother and I were out hunting with my dad. Well we got to the stands and Dakota my younger brother wanted to sit in the 2-man stand with me, so I let him. Well a couple of does jumped the fence and came running over the pasture at us, and my brother said hey don’t shoot any does there are two bucks coming right behind them. So we sat there and waited for those 2 to come in, it seemed like it took them 10 or 15 minutes to come in but it was only about 2 or 3 and they got in range for a shotgun. Well I put the bead on the bigger looking one and told my brother to shoot the other one so he did, I told him to pull the trigger on the count of 3. So I counted to 3 and we shot, he dropped his right in its tracks mine ran about 30 yards and fell over. well come to find out we got out of the stands and tagged his and field dressed it then we went over to mine and come to find out he shot the bigger one of the 2 and dad was amazed because we all thought he shot the littlest one but he shot one of the biggest bucks anyone has seen around this place in awhile it was a Typical 14-pointer mine was only an 8-pointer and we haven’t ever got his scored but we want to. And to this day he still sits in that same spot every morning of opening day of shotgun season. He usually to this day still gets a deer every morning of opening day.

Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer

From: Kincaid, SK

Here’s a couple of pics from our Mule deer hunt. Zone 5. and the White tail we got in the Kincaid area

muzzle loader whitetail

From: Lanigan, SK

Picked up a Savage 50 Cal Muzzle loader last week. Got out on Friday afternoon near Lanigan. Set the scope in and then went out for an evening shoot. Managed to get a shot at about 100 yards just before dark. Not bad for my first White tail with the muzzle loader. It is an 8 x 6 with 6 inch plus brow tines. Not that even but an interesting rack. Check this out!!!

deer hunting at Delaronde Lake

From: Delaronde Lake, SK

Eldon Wiebe Delaronde Lake, SK

deer hunting at Delaronde Lake

From: Delaronde Lake, SK

Eldon & Ryan� Delaronde Lake, SK Nov – 03

deer hunting at Delaronde Lake

From: Delaronde Lake, SK

Rod Erick Delaronde Lake, SK Nov – 03

another year of deer hunting

From: Saskatoon, SK

Done for another year. He is not the biggest deer out there, but he’s the biggest one I seen .

another year of deer hunting

From: Saskatoon, SK

Done for another year. He is not the biggest deer out there, but he’s the biggest one I seen .

Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos

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British Columbia

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia


Very funny hunting song!

Ha ha. I laughed my ass off!

Da Turdy Point Buck

-> I\’m planning my next whitetail trip for Saskatchewan.

-> Me too!

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